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Don Benton


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Proven Leadership

Don Benton has founded/built 3 private companies since co-founding his first with his sister in 1979. 15 years later, after several successes in business, Don ran for the WA citizen legislature in 1994 and served North Clark County for 22 years as a part-time legislator while he built another company in the training industry. Don was called on to use his experience to turn around the bankrupt Clean Water division in Clark County in 2013 and did so in less than a year with no layoffs.

• Empower Parents Involvement in Education
• Support Police in Reducing Crime
• Stop Tax Increases
• Oppose Tolls
• Smaller Government

Property Rights

The cornerstone of a free society is private property rights.

Property Taxes

"I will never vote to raise your property taxes or any other tax for that matter."

Rural Economic Development

Citizens in our rural communities deserve an opportunity for economic development just like the big cites do


Homelessness is a terrible thing for everyone affected. This situation is unsafe, unsanitary and costly.

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